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ACTOR MODEL DEMO – by The Web Stylist


The Actor for the 21st Century

This is a new Actor themed, WordPress based demo build to showcase a new, super modern and oh so mobile friendly way to showcase your talents to The World, and NOW in a very affordable way!

THE WEB STYLIST™ put this together as an ‘auto scrolling one page’ site style (a great way to go when you don’t have a ton of content, and also avoids page load times etc) where the text, images, and videos can simply be swapped out and customized to each new clients own.  There are a number of engaging elements within the overall site style, like Parallax background images, photo and videos that click to open in a very cool ‘Lightbox’ window and a sleek menu and animations throughout.

Just imagine your own awesome photos and content and feel free to compare the amazing on scroll flavor and style to any other site you may see built on say a Wix or Squarespace platform… there is no comparison! #Priceless and now an extremely affordable way to have your new World View and mobile on scroll WOW factor delivered to every site visitor.

Looking forward to having you as one of our many Happy Clients and ensuring an incredible new site and new World View you’re going to be so stoked to share Everywhere!

So all that is required to quality as a new client for this new web package is to have your own hosting which can simply be purchased via our The Hosting Ninja and just setting up your own Basic Managed WordPress Hosting here.  Once you have all of the content together (images, videos, a word .doc with all About, Contact, Social Links text/info etc for your new site) a new shared Dropbox link will be sent where you can then upload the content.  It is required that all the image files are titled in a way that makes visual sense to The Web Stylist™.  For example: jason-swizzler-about-headshot.jpg, jason-swizzler-gallery-on-set-the-avengers.jpg, jason-swizzler-contact-background.jpg (using all lowercase and dashes – between terms is best for Google)
This is not only best for total site building clarity from the beginning but also for your/a client’s SEO! #winWIN organization and clarity #timeismoney

Payment is due up front for your amazing new site design to begin and 48-72 hours is the normal turn around time once the content is received via the Dropbox folder invite. #winWIN 2018 World View AND client’s can easily edit/update the content themselves after the site goes live – a custom tutorial video showcasing how to add to your gallery/videos/text/links is even included!


Some of my Theater, Movie and TV Highlights

Play Video

It’s been a journey and then some since landing foot in Hollywood… City of Angles indeed, but I wouldn’t trade it for the World.


Some of my LA Family


What's Been Crackin' with Me

The Walls are Padded

The Walls are Padded

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YouTube Headquarters is Fiyah!

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Audition and my Travel Bag...

Audition and my Travel Bag...

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